"I have taken all my cars into Ron for years, he's honest and fair. Subaru head gaskets always seem to need repairs, and have always had extremely good service when going to Advanced Auto. Thanks Ron!"

— George M.




Automobile Engine Repair

At Advanced Auto we have over 30 years of experience working on cars. We offer affordable prices, expert advice and trustworthy services. Give us call to request an appointment  (831) 466-3123, so we can help you get back to driving in comfort again. Having your check engine light come on is never a good day, but we can assure you the best quality repairs at the fairest of prices. 

Automobile Head Gasket Repair

Your head gasket is is an integral part of your engine, and when your head gasket is damaged this can cause serious issues, to completely ruining your engine. A head gasket prevents both internal and external leakage within your engine, a failed head gasket can result in the mixing of coolant and engine oil, causing your vehicle to overheat and potentially damage your engine. If you see any milky/whitish foam in your oil, this is usually the telltale sign you need to get your head gasket looked at. Subaru Head Gaskets commonly need the head gasket replaced/repaired. Advanced Auto is extremely seasoned in repairing head gaskets and will gladly get you back on the road safe and sound, in a flash. 

Check engine light or other dashboard warnings 

The confusing "check engine" light may be trying to tell you something isn't quite right withing your engine. Commonly this is a quick inexpensive fix, or maybe even nothing, but having checked out as soon as possible is important! You do not want to wait until your driving on the freeway and your engine starts to smoke before bringing it in, as diagnosing the issue before anything goes seriously wrong is the best way to save yourself for injury, and turning a small issue into an expensive fix.

Subaru Head Gasket Failure

If you own a Subaru, the chances are you have already heard about head gasket failures. It is true, that Subaru's from 1996 to about 2010 commonly have head gasket failures. However, this doesn't mean they are bad cars! Subaru's have some of the longest lasting models on the road today, but with all good things there comes maintenance.

Early indicators of a head gasket leak are, a burning oil smell, or drops of coolant underneath your vehicle. As time goes on if left unchecked your car will likely start to overheat. 

Early Indicators

  • burning oil smell

  • a few drops of coolant underneath your vehicle

Mid Stage Indicators

  • Coolant needing to be refilled constantly

  • car starting to overheat

  • coolant in your oil, that shows up as a milky white substance

Head Gasket Failure left unchecked

  • Engine will be destroyed and you might end up saying goodbye to your prized Subie...

We have replaced countless of these head gaskets and have factory trained Subaru Technicians, and when done right your vehicle will be back on the road again for many more miles to come. In addition, because you are getting your head gasket checked out, this job makes it easy to check the clutch, and timing belt, and save you time and money having to deal with these issues at a later time.