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- Jonathan K.



Unless you bought a vehicle that has no sunroof, no power locks and no power windows, which is rather uncommon these days, then chances are at some point one of these things will need fixing. At Advanced Auto Santa Cruz we have the experience and tools to fix any electrical auto issues involving windows, door locks, meters, power seats, fuses, climate controls, short locators, lab scopes, test lights, etc.

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The latest cars, trucks and SUVs have many electrical components from the alternator to the power windows. Even if just one part is not working correctly it can impact all the car’s components. We will do a complete electrical diagnosis, checking everything from the charging system to the power steering and windows. No electrical repair is too complicated for us. Whether your vehicle has a blown fuse, a power window problem, a leaking sunroof that won’t close, or issues with your car’s electronics system in general, bring your car to Advanced Auto Santa Cruz to have it inspected and fixed.  

Advanced Auto Santa Cruz’s Electric Auto Repairs Services:

  • Brake Lamps

  • Climate Control

  • Cruise Control

  • Door Locks

  • Electric cooling fans

  • Electrical Shorts

  • Engine Temperature Gauge

  • Engine Management

  • Flashers

  • Fuel Gauge Repair

  • Fuse Replacement

  • Headlamps

  • Horn Repair   

  • Ignition Switch

  • Ignition Switch Repair

  • Interior Lighting          

  • Oil Pressure Indicator

  • Power Door Locks